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Evan Anders

Associate Attorney

I’d like to say that I have wanted to be a lawyer all my life. However, that would be too convenient, cliché, and largely untrue. I wanted a mindless job, one where I was free to daydream about hunting and fishing while getting paid to do mindless work. As things would have it, God stepped in and got right in the way of my plans and lifelong dreams.

I was blessed with a father and mother that unequivocally instilled in me the true meaning of right and wrong and that people should be treated in a just manner. Another invaluable lesson my father taught me was that a bully is to be confronted, and a bully is to be held accountable at every opportunity.

As I grew up, I discovered that I had great empathy for the powerless of the world. I felt an overwhelming responsibility to be a voice for the powerless, forgotten souls that many thought “weren’t worth saving.” Through divine intervention, I inadvertently found myself with a law license and no “real world” experience.

I opened my own law practice to confront the biggest bully around, the government. In that pursuit, I gained trial experience and comfort in the courtroom. I found success in defending the members of our community from governmental overreach.

Wanting to further hone my skills as a trial attorney, I joined Cole, Cole, Easley & Sciba, P.C.. While still defending citizens against the government, I now get to represent the unfortunate few that are hurt and find themselves bullied by insurance companies and big corporations. A bully is someone who preys upon the weak because their power allows them too. Seeking to maximize efficiency and boost profits, these industries choose the profitable option every time – regardless of morality and regardless of the impact their actions may have on the powerless.

I thank God for being able to wake up each morning a fight the good fight in defense of the powerless. Those relationships I’ve built along the way motivate me to keep fighting for the little guy. Now, I can’t think of a more satisfying career.

Bar Admissions

  • Texas, 2015
  • University of Texas, San Antonio, 2010 – B.A.
  • St. Mary's University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas, 2014 – J.D.